Is it a good idea to exclude children as young as 5?

I’m speaking on BBC Radio Sheffield about the increase of young children being excluded from school from as young as 5. Recently I wrote about ‘School Readiness’ as this is a complex subject not easily dismissed by the taxi driver who said to me, ‘All they need is a good smack.’ Here is an article […]

Helping Your Kids Become Smart Talkers – Episode 31 Of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

Episode 31   Tweet Of The Week @GetConnectDad set out on his journey to be a better dad. Along the way, a community joined him. Join their parenting challenge & build a more connected family in just 15 Minutes a day! Join Get Connected Dad’s  4-week “Connected Parenting Challenge”  & you will receive their “Trait Of The Week”, some […]

Child Genius – isn’t it really all about the parents?

I’ve been interviewed by The Daily Mail and appeared on LBC radio discussing the final of ‘Child Genius’ the Channel 4 programme that pits very bright & gifted children in competition with each other. As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for 25 years I felt uncomfortable watching some of the parents ambition for […]

Child Cruelty ? Channel 4’s Child Genius Programme.

I was interviewed on BBC Radio London today by Vanessa Feltz about the Channel 4 Programme ” Child Genius” because viewers have questioned whether the Channel 4 show went too far as two boys were shown sobbing after losing the competition. I work with many families whose children are anxious, stressed because of the unrealistic […]

Homestart, Kirstie Allsopp and making a difference in children’s lives.

  I am an Ambassador for the wonderful charity Home Start  and today I was delighted to have been invited to the lovely Kirstie Allsopp’s house (Location, Location, Location) as we were raising awareness for the wonderful charity’s campaign Reach The Child with some journalists When parents suffer tragedy and hardship, their young children can suffer […]

I LOVE Gok’s new show. Gok’s Teens – The Naked Truth

  I love Gok Wan and I am delighted to see him take on the fashion industry’s distorted images of what it means to be a teen. Gok Wan is now giving troubled teens the advice, confidence and self-belief they need to tackle their issues and anxieties. I have written about teaching your kids to […]

Jamie’s Dream School – what do make of it?

We were away in South Africa last week when Jamie Oliver’s new Dream School programme aired on Channel 4. As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for 22 years before changing direction into writing, broadcasting and parent coaching I found it fascinating. Some of you who follow me on Twitter will remember a rant I had […]

What’s My Channel 4 Screen Test Got To Do With The Ashes?

I’ve just come back from Soho in London, as I was invited to do a screen test for a possible Channel 4 Show about teenagers starting in the New Year. It went really well and I would LOVE to do it as I could reach, empower and inspire lots of ordinary parents raising their teens […]