The Sue Atkins Camcorder Technique

I’ve been coaching a lovely Mum who’s been finding her 13 year old daughter very challenging recently with her attitude and it got me thinking about the power of our emotions which can either create or break the connections of family harmony. As a parent you probably find, like me, that you sometimes compete and […]

The Goals Behind Your Child’s Behaviour.

                    I’ve recently been working with a lovely  Mum who has felt rather exhausted by her child’s behaviour. When conflict happens it’s easy to feel threatened. We often find ourselves thinking, “How dare you treat me like this!” BUT conflict can get worse if we respond […]

Every teenager has the right to keep secrets.

My wonderful teenage daughter is 19 and has recently settled really easily into University life in Manchester. She’s got a boyfriend and seems to have a brilliant social life getting in when I am just about getting up ! 🙂 We have always got on extremely well and I miss her more than I like to tell her […]