Back To School Bedtimes

We are fast approaching the time of year again when kids and families are getting ready for the New School Year Along with buying the new pencil case and lunchbox lots of parents are looking for ways to help their kids get the proper sleep they need for school success. After the long days and […]

7 Top Tips For Stopping Your Kids Jumping Into Your Bed During The Night!

Born Smart,  a wonderfully helpful website for parents focusing on the first 3 years in a child’s life, conducted a survey on marriage stress linked to children sharing bed with parents. I work with lots of parents who can’t get their toddlers out of their bed and some much older kids of 8 or […]

The Importance Of A Good Bed For Children.

  Today I met an expert in mattresses and beds and it really got me thinking that deciding when to put your young child into a “Big Bed” is a BIG moment – a right of passage almost as your child moves from a cot into their first proper bed. But most of us ( […]

With Kids’ Bedtimes, Consistency Is Key To Learning And Development

I read with interest, but not surprise this new piece of research on the importance of sleep. Parents have all heard, and personally experienced, how critical a good night’s sleep is for their children. But new research suggests that the consistency of kids’ bedtimes matters just as much for their developing brains as the number […]

Kids won’t sleep, can’t sleep? Try this.

Sometimes the reason for your child finding it difficult to sleep is that their room is too colourful, too stimulating and just too plain overwhelming.   One tip is to strip back your child’s brightly coloured bedroom and reduce the stimulating toys  in an effort to help them sleep. What do you think ? A good idea? Let me […]

Children who get a good night’s sleep ‘have better memories’

I read with great interest today an article in The Daily Mail around some new research that suggests that children who get a good night’s sleep have a  boosted memory! The findings could explain why children who  do not sleep well do not do as well in school. Children were more effectively able to convert‘implicit’ […]

My ITV ‘This Morning’ Families – Sleep Problems Made Easy !

As you know I am working with 3 wonderful families from the award winning daytime flagship show ‘This Morning’ and here is the email that Alison sent into the show asking for help around SLEEP or lack of it ! I’m sorry I can’t put the video footage up yet as we are trying to get permission […]

12 Top Tips for Bedtime Stories

I saw my neighbour playing and reading with her little granddaughter yesterday  out in the sunshine.                 It reminded me of shared moments when my kids were little, hot chocolate and stories at bedtime, cuddles and talking. Now it’s more hot chocolate, cuddles and chatting about all sorts of things that come up and the pleasure of sometimes […]