Home Alone – When is OK?

I’m being interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio BBC Radio Sheffield and  BBC Radio Berkshire by Anne Diamond about when it is a safe time to leave children “Home Alone” Deciding if your child is ready to be left home alone can be a tricky decision. I remember incrementally leaving Will and Molly alone while […]

Is it a good idea to exclude children as young as 5?

I’m speaking on BBC Radio Sheffield about the increase of young children being excluded from school from as young as 5. Recently I wrote about ‘School Readiness’ as this is a complex subject not easily dismissed by the taxi driver who said to me, ‘All they need is a good smack.’ Here is an article […]

What do YOU think of the Government’s new initiative to offer Parenting Classes ?

We go on courses from marketing to management but still get embarrassed to say we’d like to go on a parenting class – why is that? I’ve been interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio and BBC Radio Sheffield today discussing the new Government’s initiative to offer free parenting classes to parents. The standard objection is […]

My daughter’s learning to drive ……

I’ve just been talking on BBC Radio Sheffield about being a taxi service for our kids – as apparently we drive the equivalent of a trip to Mars each week ferrying children about ! It’s quite apt too at the moment as my 17 year old daughter is learning to drive so my days as a […]