Getting your kids to help around the house – made easy of course!

I’m speaking on BBC Radio Kent about the importance of giving your kids chores to do in the house. I believe it makes them feel part of the family team, it teaches them independence and gives them the feeling of competence and capability. If it feels like you are the one bearing the brunt of […]

Is Lembit Opik too old to be a Dad at 52?

Today I joined politician Lembit Opik, who was famously engaged to one of the Cheeky Girls, on his BBC Radio Kent Show as he has revealed he is to have a child with a Bulgarian lawyer at the age of 52. The ex-Lib Dem MP made the announcement despite fears he was sterile after impaling himself […]

Should ‘Fireman Sam’ become ‘Firefighter Sam’ ?

I’m discussing Ann Millington, chief executive of Kent Fire & Rescue’s suggestion that the children’s TV character Fireman Sam should be renamed ‘Firefighter Sam’ on BBC Radio Kent It strikes me as a good idea – what do you think? I think all programming should be diversified, for the benefit of all children, whatever their […]

Do you tell your kids that you love them every day?

  I was interviewed on BBC Radio Kent today about Elton John speaking to students at The Oxford Union. Like many doting fathers, Sir Elton John tells his sons he loves them every day. But the gesture is more important for him than for most. The singer says he has been spurred on to shower […]