Do you argue in front of your kids? Do they see you make up?

I’m speaking on BBC Radio Scotland about how parents’ arguments really affect their children. It is normal for parents to argue, but the way these disagreements affect children varies greatly. We are discussing what parents and carers can do to limit the harm caused by their rows because what happens at home really does affect children’s […]

After the terrorist attacks – what to say to your kids.

Violence, such as the terrorist attacks in Paris on the innocent people on Friday night, can leave lasting impressions on children, even if they only witness it through news reports and social media. But you as parents can help your children process these and other senseless tragedies. It’s important to talk about terrible events, and […]

Extra screen time ‘hits GCSE grades’ according to a new survey

I’m on Sky News today talking about a new study conducted by a Cambridge University  that suggested that an extra hour a day of television, internet or computer game time in Year 10 is linked to poorer grades at GCSE. Read more here ->  

Do children’s toys influence their career choices?

Do you let your kids choose their own toys or do you try and influence them? A government minister says gender-specific toys harm girls’ career opportunities. But I just wonder how much the toys children play with shape their future prospects in the job market? We all  have wonderful  memories of toys we have loved […]

The Obesity Time Bomb

I was interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio  ( Listen here )  this morning discussing the  shocking survey that half the UK population will be obese by 2050 ! Dire warnings that half of Britons will be obese by 2050 are an ‘underestimate’, a shock report warns today. The obesity epidemic could be far worse […]

Have young people never had it so bad?

I was recently talking on LBC Radio about young people’s expectations and their hopes for owning their own property as today’s young face, including my own two kids,  high unemployment, expensive education, and a lifetime of renting, whereas when I was in my twenties we had rising wages, low house prices & plenty of job opportunities. […]

Why your child NEEDS to make a mud pie !

“A chain of happy children trail each other joyfully around the garden dodging in and out of wigwams, wooden structures and plants. Others work intently, like a team of chefs, making an imaginary cake out of shaving foam, mud, leaves and whatever else they can find in the garden of the Limelight Family Learning Centre […]

Should parents drug babies on long flights?

I’m on the JVS Show on BBC Three Counties talking about this controversial subject now. What do you think? “Parents taking infants on long flights are turning to medication to help their children sleep. But is the practice safe – or a dangerous abuse of parental power? On a recent afternoon flight from Miami to […]

You know you REALLY should vaccinate your kids against Measles!

I’ve just seen that Measles cases in England and Wales have risen to the highest annual total for 18 years, says the Health Protection Agency. In the 1990s, experts thought they were close to eliminating measles for good. But now the World Health Organization (WHO) has put back its target date for getting rid of […]

Conservative Justice Secretary Chris Grayling Defends Child Smacking – oh dear :(

I see smacking is in the news again today with Justice Secretary Chris Grayling saying that he smacked his own children when they were young and has defended the right of parents to smack. The Conservative minister, who has two grown-up children, told the Mail on Sunday smacking young children sometimes “sends a message”. He […]