Back to School “Happy Dance” Goes Viral: VIDEO

  When I saw this video I smiled 🙂 It all started four years ago, when Tracy Moutafis, mother of nine and 11-year-old boys began doing a “happy dance” in the street as their bus left the first day of school. She waves and dances to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang ! Her yearly happy […]

My Back to School Reading Tips

Today I’m delighted to be published in Magic Town the place where stories live ! This month my blog post is about My Back to School Reading Tips Here’s an excerpt from my post. “When I was a teacher, I loved story time with my students. I enjoyed sitting on the carpet with a bright, […]

Give a hoot !

As a former Deputy Head teacher I just love this little poster from The Reading Kingdom  so make a committment today as the New School Term begins here in the UK to get involved in your child’s learning !