Should I let my baby cry itself to sleep?

  I receive many questions for my The Sue Atkins Parenting Show Podcast about babies & sleep: Is letting your baby cry itself to sleep at night cruel and unnatural or no big deal? What is best for your baby: crying itself to sleep, controlled crying or being soothed on demand? I find almost nothing […]

Getting Your Toddler To Share.

Sharing I have been trying to get my toddler to share his toys. Now, when he sees another child he will automatically handover to that child the toy he is playing with even if the other child has not asked for it /is not interested. I am not sure this is good either as I don’t want […]

Should parents drug babies on long flights?

I’m on the JVS Show on BBC Three Counties talking about this controversial subject now. What do you think? “Parents taking infants on long flights are turning to medication to help their children sleep. But is the practice safe – or a dangerous abuse of parental power? On a recent afternoon flight from Miami to […]

Pals Across The Pond Video – Giving Toddlers Boundaries

  My pal across the pond Dr Lynne Kenney  – The Family Coach and I have answered Lucy from Harrow’s question on her toddler playing her and her husband off against each other – watch our advice and send us in your parenting questions by posting up on the form at the bottom of this […]

Just Ask

Peter and Helen came to see me because as a newly married step family they were having some problems with Helen’s older children of 13 and 15 listening to Peter when he told them to tidy their room or to help around the house. The kids were angry and shouted, “You’re not my real Dad” […]

Don’t Stew…… Ask Sue !

“Dear Sue My 2 year old pretty much does whatever her older sister (4) tells her – no matter what they’re playing, the big one tells the little one what to do and she willingly goes along with it.  How do I ensure she develops her own way of playing and doesn’t always just follow […]

Ask The Parenting Expert

I am  really excited as I am  getting my new  Parenting Made Easy – The Secrets To Well-Behaved Kids app finished  ready to launch in 2 weeks for i-phones and i-pads. This is a really FAB way to get my advice, tips, ideas and inspiration ON THE GO – all for the amazingly low price of […]