Children and Divorce: How To Answer Their Three BIG Questions

Telling your children about your decision to divorce is never easy but with a little thought to when, where & what you are going to say will help lessen the impact for them. I have launched a new series of free Divorce videos called Divorce Step by Step.  to help. I think it’s really important […]

Never cut what you can untie. Work with me through your divorce 1-2-1

Work with me through your divorce Week 1: Where You Are Now – financially, emotionally and mentally Telling The Children The Parenting Plan of Assurances Discipline Me time Week 2 What you want Clarity, direction and ways practical ways forward Objectives, Goals and The Magic Wand Exercise The Time Line Exercise The One Point Technique […]

We must stop turning children against divorced fathers.

            I have been working with a Mum going through a difficult divorce who has 3 children. She is bitter, angry and furious that her husband had an affair with his young secretary and split the family up. She is incandescent that she had to leave their family home and […]

Divorcing parents delude themselves about the effect on children.

Divorced parents are often in denial about how badly the break-up has damaged their children, a survey has found. More than three quarters believed their children had ‘coped well’ – even though just 18 per cent of youngsters said they were happy with the situation. Many parents fail to notice that their children are turning […]