Practical Tips for Parents to Get Kids ‘School Ready’

  I’m a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for 22 years so I know first hand about teaching Reception Class children – I taught 35 four year olds! I’ve also raised 2 children. So, I’m rather shocked by the new survey by Early Years charity Kindred² 93% of teachers say their school is increasing […]

Starting School ~ The Easy Way!

  From the moment you play peek-a-boo with your baby, you are preparing them for the process of moving away from you and learning about independence. Separation can be a difficult emotion not only for you as a parent but also for your child. As your child matures and gains in confidence, they grow into […]

Primer día de escuela de tu hijo

¿Puedes creer que tu hijo ya comenzó la escuela? Como puede ser un poco desalentador para ti y tu hijo, aquí te damos unos consejos útiles. Read more here   Antes del gran día, asegúrate de hacerle saber a tu hijo las expectativas. En las semanas previas a iniciar la escuela, háblale sobre lo que va a […]

The Sue Atkins Top Tips for Preparing your Child for Starting School

Available from my Online Shop This is the first in my series of Starting School Guides This guide is full of handy tips to help you prepare your child for starting school – both practically and emotionally!  You’ve probably been preparing your child since they were little so relax, stay positive and just choose the […]

The Sue Atkins Getting Your Child Ready for School Checklist

Available from my Online Shop This is the second in my series of Starting School Guides and as with the first one, is full of ideas, tips and suggestions. You may be thinking about how you can support your child to make the transition as seamless as possible, you have probably been setting the foundations […]