Digital Detectives: Teaching Kids to Identify Fake Facebook Friends

How do you manage your Facebook friends? Do you keep your list really tight and only include ‘active’ pals? Or do you accept everyone you’ve ever laid eyes on? I have a Facebook for my real friends & family where I can post about personal things & rant about politics 🤣 and a business one […]

The Silent Disintegration: How Smartphones Are Eroding Community Bonds

In the digital age, smartphones have become ubiquitous, transforming how we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves. While these devices offer unprecedented connectivity and convenience, they also carry a hidden cost: the erosion of our sense of community. This paradox of enhanced digital communication alongside diminished real-world interaction raises important questions about the future of our […]

Is It Time To Put Your Phone In Jail?

I was asked by the Sun News UK newspaper to write 5 quirky and unexpected tips parents can use to wean their kids off their phones: 📲Create a “Phone Jail” for Family Time: Place all phones in a decorative box or “jail” during meals or family activities. This creates a fun and visible reminder to […]

Navigating the  Co-Parenting Digital Jungle in the Age of Screens! 

Check out my new podcast ‘Navigating the Digital Jungle with Sue Atkins and Friends’   It’s not easy – but I think it’s important! You weren’t on the same page before you got divorced so it’s even harder now you are trying to navigate co-parenting in the digital era where technology permeates every aspect […]

Navigating Tech with Grandparents

  Grandparents are wonderful aren’t they? But what do you do when they over indulge your kids with technology & allow them to spend too long on their devices? Here’s a few ideas to help. When approaching the issue of excessive screen time with grandparents, it’s essential to foster open communication in a non-confrontational manner. […]

Balancing Screen Time and Green Time

  In today’s digitally driven world, the tug-of-war between screen time and outdoor playtime can be a challenge for parents. With smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs readily available, it’s easy for children to get absorbed in screens for extended periods isn’t it? But nurturing a healthy balance between screen time and green time is crucial […]

Helicopter Parenting: Is It Time to Land and Let the Kids Take Off?

  A New Study In The Journal Of Pediatrics Says Maybe It’s Not Social Media, But Helicopter Parenting That’s Making Kids Depressed. It’s not just social media, but the rise of helicopter parenting, in which kids no longer have spaces to just hang out with each other and be kids that is contributing to mental […]

Big Tech Needs to do MORE: How Do You Feel About These Ideas?

Obtaining robust parental consent is critical when dealing with your children’s data online‼️ We’re all trying to play our part & do our bit but the Tech Giants seem to pay lip service to their Duty of Care responsibilities for kids – lowering the age of consent to 13 & making that the default option […]

Worried About Your Kids Using Their Smartphones ALL The Time? Watch This

Smartphone Free Childhood  Suicides. Self-harm. Depression and anxiety. The toll of a social media-addicted, phone-based childhood has never been more stark. It can be easy for teens, parents, and schools to feel like they’re trapped by it all. But in this conversation with Tristan Harris, author and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt author of ‘The Anxious […]

Teen Slang – What You Need To Know Navigating The #DigitalJungle!

Teen Slang – What You Need To Know Navigating The #DigitalJungle Keeping an eye out (and an ear‼️) about what you’re kids are up to online is crucial to their safety & wellbeing and while you don’t want to seem too intrusive (or uncool) and constantly ask your kids to translate you probably want to […]

Playmates of All Ages: The HUGE Benefits for Your Child’s Wellbeing

Growing up,  I used to love going to Ireland for my Summer holidays and playing with all of my cousins, where kids of all ages played together freely. One hot sunny day, I found myself joining a game of tag with children ranging from five to fifteen years old. I was around eight at the […]

The Social Media Jigsaw: Finding Balance in a Digital World

I’m pondering the problem of kids + #socialmedia As a society, we can take collective actions to encourage kids to stay off social media by fostering a culture that values real-world interactions, personal growth, and well-being. Here are some approaches: love to hear your positive suggestions 🤔 🧩Educational Programmes: Implement educational programmes in schools that […]