Time for a Toddler Tale? A simple story for toddlers about potty training.

  Time for a Toddler Tale? A simple story for toddlers about potty training  Puddles and the Tale of Wet Tail the Dolphin Once upon a time in a lush bamboo forest, there lived a little panda named Puddles. Puddles loved lots of things, but his favourite thing in all the world was ice cream! […]

Potty Training Tips: Poo Problems

  I get asked a lot about why toddlers and young children are happy to wee in the toilet, but not so happy to do anything else, or why some children hold onto their poo. One of the most common and frustrating toilet-training roadblocks is when a child happily wees in the potty but demands […]

The Ultimate Guide To Parenting Toddlers

In this episode: Why Do Toddlers Have Tantrums and Meltdowns and 4 BRILLIANT Tips for Handling Them! Whining, Crying, Kicking and Biting – Hacks To Help How To Survive Your Toddler’s “NO!” phase! 7 Genius Comebacks for When Your Toddler Asks ‘Why?’ All The Time 10 Potty Pointers to Make Toilet Training A Breeze? Sue […]

How Do I Stop My Child from Biting? Positive Hacks to Handle It!

In this episode: 10 Ways to STOP Guilt – The Biggest Gremlin of Parenting. The ABC of Potty Training Video Series WIN This Month’s Book Gift Bundle! ‘My Skin Your Skin’ ‘Bernie and Boatie’ and The Can Do Kid’s Journal: Discover Your Confidence Superpower!  from #TheSueAtkinsBookClub  

Cómo Enseñarle a tu Hijo a Ir al Baño Sin Lágrimas

Dejar atrás los pañales lleva tiempo y paciencia, tanto para los padres como para los preescolares. Aprender a ir al baño no ocurrirá de la noche a la mañana, es un proceso gradual de aprendizaje del autocontrol. Aquí hay algunos tips. Read more here Espera a que tu hijo muestre señales de que está listo, como estar […]