The Importance of Father-Child Bonding

              I was recently discussing the new Paternity Leave for Dads on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester & my article was also published in the Indian Magazine Kids Stop Press about the importance of Dads bonding with their new born babies. So here is my advice on how fathers […]

5 Important Questions To Ask Before You Get Your Child A Mobile Phone.

I’m asked all the time by stressed out, nagged to death parents, ‘When is the best age to get my child a mobile phone?’ Even though they have probably been begging for one—how do you know they are really ready? One simple question is to ask yourself, ‘What will they be using it for?’ I […]

Does your child hear the word, ‘No!’ more than 400 times a day?

The average toddler hears the word “no” an astonishing 400 times a day, according to experts. You, like me, may, at first, think that this must be an exaggeration but pause to ponder this…when we tell a toddler ‘No’ we usually say,’ No, no, no!’ which is actually three times in three seconds – reinforcing […]

Is it time to change the word ‘Broken’ Family ?

  I was speaking on BBC radio about a new piece of research around mental health and stepfamilies. What struck me as unhelpful & laden with negativity is the word ‘BROKEN’ to describe parents who are divorced, separated or apart. Broken implies a failure, broken implies damaged, no longer able to work, something destroyed & dysfunctional  but […]

Pocket Money – Ages & Stages

    Money makes the world go around!’ as Lisa Minnelli happily sang in the hit musical “Cabaret” and it certainly seems to be true on more than one occasion, but debt is on the increase and there seems to be more and more demands on your money than ever before so learning about money […]

Who should teach your kids about the birds and the bees?

  Sex education lessons are set to change with children taught about the dangers of pornography, sexting and online grooming in a major shake-up. The move follows months of campaigning from MPs and charity groups who argue the current curriculum is years out of date and does not reflect the dangers faced by young people today […]

What to do when your child says ‘Nobody Likes Me’

I was speaking on BBC Radio recently about friendship issues. Here are a few of my ideas about what to do when your child says ‘Nobody Likes Me’: 1. Offer a variety of opportunities for your child to play and socialise informally at home. Host a play date that’s not too long. Have some friends […]

Make ‘Fussy Eaters’ a thing of the past!

    If you suddenly have a fussy eater on your hands – you’re not alone! I work with lots of parents going through the same thing with their children as faddy eating is often a phase that young children go through to explore their independence and to test you out. But with a simple […]

Why it’s IMPORTANT to read to your kids.

  I’ve just been interviewed on BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio about why it’s important to read to kids. Of course we all know that reading matters, but just how much it matters and how it can impact our children may be surprising. As a former Deputy Head Teacher & Class Teacher  for over 25 […]

Is it OK to choose your kid’s friends?

I read with horror Katie Hopkins from ( The Apprentice) admission that she won’t let her children play with friends that she deems beneath them… & I quote ‘that’s  what caring mothers do’ As The Apprentice star admits she targets playmates who are a  good influence. Well – good luck with that  overly controlling strategy […]


“Should I let my child go on a sleepover?”   I get asked this a lot. And frankly, it depends. We’ve all heard the gossip of the disasters in the school playground. I know some parents who simply make it their policy — “No sleepovers ever” or ‘No sleepovers until you’re ___________. (put in the […]