Pocket Money – Ages & Stages

    Money makes the world go around!’ as Lisa Minnelli happily sang in the hit musical “Cabaret” and it certainly seems to be true on more than one occasion, but debt is on the increase and there seems to be more and more demands on your money than ever before so learning about money […]

Money, mindset and beliefs you give your kids.

I am fascinated by success and why some people are successful entrepreneurs and others struggle all their lives. I have been working with a lot of people recently throughout the last year who are struggling to come to terms with the financial down turn throughout the world. I work with small business people, woman entrepreneurs, […]

8 Parenting Mistakes to AVOID When Teaching Your Kids About MONEY.

            Is money a taboo topic in your family? Are you struggling to talk about it with your children? So, what’s putting YOU off? Are you bad with money? Do you buy stuff on impulse? Are you bad at budgeting? More than one in three parents struggle to talk about […]