A Parent’s Practical Guide to Supporting & Nurturing Dyslexic Children at Home.

I have recently enjoyed doing a Power Hour  for parents of dyslexic children with my friend Paloma Forde a Dyslexic Specialist and we were talking about ways to support children at home. If you are parents of dyslexic children you can support their learning by providing structured routines, using multisensory teaching methods, fostering a positive […]

The Road to Success: Supporting Your Dyslexic Teen in Secondary School

  As Summer ends and we prepare to adjust to the change in season to Autumn children across the country are preparing to make the leap from Key stage 2 into Key stage 3, from primary to secondary school. For many this is an exciting time, for others it can be daunting. If your child […]

Unlocking the Joy of Reading: Empowering Dyslexic Kids

Helping dyslexic kids enjoy books and reading can be a rewarding experience. Here are some strategies to assist them: Choose dyslexia-friendly books: Opt for books with dyslexia-friendly fonts, layouts, and spacing. Many publishers offer books designed specifically for dyslexic readers. Audiobooks: Encourage them to listen to audiobooks while following along with the text. This can […]

Using AI for children’s stories can have several pros and cons.

  AI is Changing the Way We Tell Bedtime Stories to Kids. Bedtime stories are a magical part of childhood. They transport kids to faraway lands, introduce them to lovable characters, and even teach valuable & important moral life lessons. Tucking your little one in with a story before sleep not only calms and relaxes […]