Screen Time, Digital Poverty, Education & Why NOT all Educational Apps are Equal in Quality‼️

If you have time I highly, highly recommend watching or listening to this absolutely fascinating  parliamentary evidence on screen time, digital poverty and education, with Baroness Kidron who’s career has taken her from making movies for Stephen Spielberg to groundbreaking protections for young people online Screen time and Wellbeing  Speakers include: John McGee, Senior Policy […]

Tapping is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Here’s How It Can Help YOU!

What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique  is the new therapy for the 21st century as it is a very safe way to get rid of anxiety, stress, and feelings of guilt and overwhelm that lots of parents suffer from. It is based on tapping different Chinese meridian lines with your fingers – and you’ve probably […]

The Sue Atkins Gift Guide: Parenting Made Easy!

    Sue’s Alternative to the ‘Naughty Step’ The ‘Easy Peasy – Lemon Squeezy Button’ is suitable for kids of all ages & allows you to record and playback 40 seconds of yourself saying ‘That was Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ via the built-in microphone and speaker – to motivate & encourage your child to brush […]

Sue Atkins ‘Parental Wellbeing & Mental Health’ Webinar

  Children’s wellbeing is closely bound to their parents’ wellbeing & that really important person is YOU. As parents whether you are a single parent, a mum, dad or carer we all want to do what’s best to keep our children safe, fit and well. However, it can be easy to forget about our own […]

‘Talking & Teaching’ Toddlers about Nature Starts With Us.

‘’When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir ‘Talking & Teaching’ Toddlers about Nature starts with us. Here’s some simple ideas to help: ? Nature is what we see and feel around us. ?Nature provides us the air to breathe, the water […]

Stranger Things: What Parents Need to Know

I’m discussing ‘Stranger Things’ on BBC Radio  Suffolk this week and I will be asked: Do you have teenage children or grandchildren and do you know what they’re watching on their phones and screens on a daily basis? The drama “Stranger Things” launched in 2016, has 4 series, is seeing a resurgence and is pulling […]

The Stress Relief Giraffe

  Children are a lost tribe in the pandemic. While they remain (for the most part) perplexingly immune to the health consequences of Covid-19, their lives and daily routines have been turned upside down. From surveys and interviews carried out for the Born in Bradford study, we know that they are anxious, isolated and bored, […]

Make it Count: A Guide for Parents and Carers on Children’s Mental Health

A rather grim & growing report from Sky News has suggested that COVID-19 has created a crisis for ‘years to come’ – as  lockdowns have put children under ‘unprecedented’ levels of distress Sky News is given unique access to a child and adolescent mental health trust to see first hand the crises children are facing. […]

What to Do If Lockdowns Have Hurt Your Child’s Speech and Language Skills

In this episode: The Big Ask – Finding Out What Your Kids Think Will Make Them Happier After the Pandemic 30 Great Resources to Teach Kids Financial Literacy Sue Atkins in Conversation with Jo Fitzgerald Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer & Co-Creator of the Primary 2 Secondary Programme for Schools, Students, Teachers and Parents

How DO You Deal with A Fussy Eater?

In this episode: Teaching The ‘Skill’ of Friendship to Kids Who Always Fall Out The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Twins Sue in Conversation with Our Family Wizard the App making Co- Parenting Easier

What Is A Mentor?

In this episode: What Is A Mentor? Quick and Easy Bedwetting Solutions How The Down Syndrome Diary Is Helping Struggling Parents. Sue Atkins in Conversation with Sonia Livingstone – Author of ‘Parenting for a Digital Future – How Hopes and Fears about Technology Shape Children’s Lives.’

Is ‘Yes Day’ a Good Idea?

In this episode: Is ‘Yes Day’ a Good Idea? Has Gavin Williamson “misjudged” the mood in classrooms and homes across the country? Is Tik-Tok Safe for Kids? plus Sue Atkins in Conversation with Lynn McAllister Author of Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence

Sue Atkins: I love outdoor play because…

Outdoor play, climbing trees and riding bikes I used to love taking my kids to the park when they were young and watching them run off to chase our dogs, jump, hide, shout, whistle, climb and explore the natural world. Wrapped up warm with jumpers and wellies they always arrived back home with rosy cheeks, […]