Support for Welcoming Your Rainbow Baby.

Bringing a rainbow baby into the world is a journey filled with a unique blend of joy, hope, and apprehension. After experiencing the loss of a child, the anticipation of welcoming a new life into your family can be both exhilarating and an extremely anxious time for you. As you prepare to embrace your precious […]

10 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health During Pregnancy

                                         10 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a transformative time that brings about physical and emotional changes. Taking care of your mental health during this period is crucial. Here are 10 […]

30 tips for first-time parents ! What’s your top tip?

  I’m chatting on BBC Newcastle later today as the presenter is leaving to have her first baby and has asked me for my top tips! It can be really difficult to not feel nervous but my advice is to relax, trust your own instinct and let well meaning old fashioned advice from your Grandma […]

Books for Preparing Toddlers for New Babies.

As part of my new Positive Toddler Roadmap I give lots of practical advice around how to handle a new baby with your toddler as it is a big moment in their lives –  as they have to adjust to perhaps not being the centre of your world now a new baby has arrived. Here […]

The Baby Blogs Day 1. Preparing Your Older Child For Your New Arrival

Having a new baby is very exciting but your older child may worry about what all the changes may mean to them as for the last year or two they have probably been the centre of your universe. Pregnancy Preparations  The first two years  are what I call the attachment phase of your child’s life. Your child […]

Help! When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

Helping your baby to sleep Babies are all different – some babies sleep much more than others, some sleep for long periods, some sleep in short little bursts, some sleep through the night, others don’t! So, relax & stop comparing your baby to others & learn to adapt to the rhythm of your baby. As […]

8 Must-Have Toys and Activities for Increasing Your Infant’s Developmental Skills

  Here’s a great list of appropriate activities that  will help to increase your little infant’s developmental skills around all the major skills from motor, social, emotional and language skills as recommended by Kevin Zoromski from Michigan State University. ‘Whenever you are looking for comfort objects and toys for infants, focus on items that enhance […]

Coronavirus infection and pregnancy.

I am doing an Instagram Live on Saturday 25th April  at 3pm with Bloom Classes. Join us for an Instagram live by following  @bloomclasses this Saturday at 3pm with me @sueatkins18 Being a new parent is difficult enough add in a lockdown and the result is a staggering hundreds of thousands of new parents feeling […]

Stop the Lonely Mummy Trap – my article in The Sun.

I was delighted to have been asked for my tips for The Sun newspaper about feeling isolated as a Mum after Stacey Solomon finally left her house FOUR WEEKS after giving birth to baby Rex. She’s not alone as Adele also struggled with fears and anxieties about leaving the safety of home after having a […]