Understanding Alcohol: A Parent’s Guide to Age-Appropriate Conversations

England child alcohol use tops global chart in a Report  by WHO A third of 11-year-olds and more than half of 13-year-olds in England have drunk alcohol – putting it top out of 44 countries examined in a report by global health experts. Girls were found to be more likely than boys to be drinking and […]

Why teenagers lie – and what to do about it.

              I have been working with parents who were beside themselves to discover that their teenage daughter has been consistently  lying to them, to her friends and to her teachers. There are are two aspects to this article as it’s not just about lying – as it’s also about a […]

Relieving Prom Pressure!

  The concept of prom originated in the Victorian era when young people would get dressed up and “promenade” in their finest clothing in front of their friends and peers. Through the years, promenade was abbreviated to “prom” and thus, the big deal began. Young people, feel the need to be accepted by a group […]

Is Yelling at Your Children Verbal Abuse?

I was asked to contribute to the new Jeremy Vine TV Show on Channel 5 about whether yelling or shouting at children is verbal abuse. We all lose the plot at times & lose our temper & end up shouting at our kids, but what is the difference between the odd shout & consistent verbal […]

How do YOU teach your kids about booze?

I was on The Vanessa Feltz Show on BBC Radio London talking about the two mothers were refused alcoholic drinks in a pub because the barman said it   would “inappropriate” for them to drink in front of their children. You can read the story here in The Sunday Telegraph But how DO you teach your […]

Teenage Drinking – How to talk to children about alcohol.

The Medical Chief launches five-point guide for parents on how to stop children abusing alcohol As all my friends know, I like a glass of wine or two, but teenage drinking is a very big problem here in the UK and it needs your support, your confidence and your belief in your own opinions and […]

CBBC Newsround – Living With Alcohol

Research carried out for CBBC Newsround by CHILDWISE was used in a Newsround Special programme, entitled Living With Alcohol. (July 2010) CHILDWISE spoke to more than a 1000 children aged between 10 and 14, to better understand how children perceive adults around them drinking. It is all about how young people are affected by their […]

Stopping Teenagers Going ‘Off the Rails’

My  teenage son had 10 of his mates round last Friday to watch the football on our big screen and they all brought their cans, tortilla chips and peanuts. They are a great bunch of kids and I really enjoyed their  banter and energy. Of course I worry about my son going on holiday soon for the […]