Time Tokens

Most parents that I work with are fed up battling with their ‘Screenagers’ and trying to balance screen time with other activities. So when I discovered ‘Time Tokens‘ I gave a whoop of delight as Amanda has created a simply super new way to manage kids screen time. What I love about ‘Time Tokens’  is that it teaches  a child how to manage their own time and that is brilliant, as that will empower and teach them self control. So that naturally & easily reduces battles and arguments.

But one of the best things about ‘Time Tokens’ as a former Deputy Head teacher, is that it also rewards kids with a Golden Ticket which encourages them to choose an ‘ING’ activity to do with family or friends  every week – things like makING dinner, playING a game outside, going swimmING, dancING, or cookING.

I highly recommend ‘Time Tokens‘ – what are you waiting for the solution is here!