Sue Atkins-The-Can-Do-Kids-Journal Activity Pages

Download some fun Activity Sheets for your little one to do during Lockdown!     [ec_link text=”Download for Free!” background_color=”#b33771″ color=”#f9f9f9″][/ec_link]            [ec_link text=”Buy your Child the Journal!” background_color=”#b33771″ color=”#fcfcfc”][/ec_link]  

The Sue Atkins Daily ‘To Do’ Checklist for Kids

Sign up to my Newsletter and get a Free download of this Daily Checklist for children in your email & be in with a chance to win The Sue Atkins Book  Club Monthly Give Away A helpful resource you can print and copy for them on a daily basis, to keep track of chores, arts […]

The Sue Atkins Sleep Checklist

With Kids’ Bedtimes, Consistency Is Key To Learning And Development in a Nutshell Like adults, children often don’t get enough sleep at night and unfortunately, not getting enough sleep and being sleep-deprived can have serious consequences for your child’s health, success at school and growth. In this guide we look at Children’s Sleep needs dependant […]

How To Give Your Kids The Gift Of Self-Esteem: eBook

The most important gift you can give your Child is the Gift of Self-Esteem. Self-esteem is how you rate yourself deep down. It is a belief and a confidence in your own ability and value. However, where does this ability come from? I believe it initially comes from you – the actions that you take and […]

The Sue Atkins Appropriate Age and Stage Screen Time Checklist

Not all screen time is created equal. It’s up to YOU to decide how (and how often) your child or teenager uses screens and whether their screen time is positive or negative. For instance, time spent on homework or other educational activities might not need to be as restricted as time spent playing video games. […]

The Sue Atkins Guide to Sleepovers

“Should I let my child go on a sleepover?” I get asked this a lot. And frankly, it depends. I know some parents who simply make it their policy — “No sleepovers ever.” That’s ok because it’s your right to make the rules that you are comfortable with for YOUR family. In this guide I […]

The Sue Atkins Talking To Your Baby and Toddler Quick Tips

From the minute your baby is born, the recognise your voice and will react to what you say and also the tones you use. Download this FREE guide with my tips on how to speak to your baby to help them develop their skills and understanding right from Birth!

The Sue Atkins Teething Checklist

Teething is full of old wives’ tales and horror stories but even before your baby was born, little tooth buds were developing under their gums. This FREE guide will help you to understand when your baby’s teeth will start to appear. But as in all milestones, growing teeth is NOT a competition so don’t get too anxious about […]