THE TODDLER ROADMAP Episode 21 – Is it Normal for Toddlers to become Fussy Eaters?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Everything you need to raise a happy, confident, resilient toddler undamaged by living through a pandemic!




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Show notes:

In this episode we look at taking the fuss out of fussy eating.
Teaching your toddler right from wrong: explaining the ages and stages they go through
We talk about the massive “million-word gap” for children who aren’t read to at home!

On the Parentverse I chat to Tina Stubbs about her books to make healthy habits simple and easy.

Plus, in The Sue Atkins Book Club this week: Author Dr Elizabeth Roberts a nutritionist and author of ‘Help! My Toddler Is Not Eating: A 30-Day Plan to Get Your Picky Eater to Enjoy New Food’

In this episode:

  • Teaching Toddlers Right from Wrong.
  • ​How to PREVENT the “Million-Word Gap.” Read a Book A Day to Your Toddler!
  • Some practical tips to help you keep your sanity and get your child’s diet back on track.

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On the Parentverse:

  • Sue Atkins in conversation with Tina Stubbs from Life’s Little Bugs

Tina Stubbs is the Author and Illustrator behind ‘Life’s Little Bugs’. She set out with a goal to develop a series of picture books that motivate young readers to learn good healthy habits in a positive, fun way.

As a parent, Tina realised there wasn’t anything engaging to help encourage and support parents, teachers and kids when building essential life skills such as brushing teeth, hand washing, making healthy choices, showing respect and kindness and building a growth mindset, to name a few.

Titles in the series include: Tummy Bug, Fitness Bug, Flu Bug, Litter Bug and many more including the book we wrote together ‘Ant I Viral & The Virus’ about the pandemic

Listen to the Full Interview on The Parentverse


Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes at

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Coming up in Episode 22 Growing Independence: Tips for Parents of Toddlers and Twos

The toddler years are some of the most joyful years for you and your child. Your children are growing by leaps and bounds—walking, talking, singing, jumping, helping, and gaining new life experiences every day.

I’ll be giving you lots of practical tips to develop independence in your toddler from carrying their own lunch boxes, putting their toys away, putting their shoes by the door, to helping with simple chores like putting clean laundry into drawers.

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