THE TODDLER ROADMAP Episode 20 – Roots, Shoots Buckets & Boots: Gardening with Toddlers

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Everything you need to raise a happy, confident, resilient toddler undamaged by living through a pandemic!




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Show notes:

In this episode we talked about what EFT is, facts about EFT and the uses of EFT. We also talked about how tapping can help your toddler and shared a script for reducing a temper tantrum. We discuss different approaches to disciplining your toddler & encouraging them to behave well – rather than just saying “NO”- because constantly saying “No” doesn’t make any difference!

In this episode:

  • Adding The Amazing Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) to Your Parenting Toolkit.
  • The Benefits of Gardening with Toddlers
  • Using Distraction in your Discipline.
  • Great Books for Talking About Big Emotions with your Toddler

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Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes

On the Parentverse: Sue Atkins in Conversation with Amy Livingsone and Julie Wilson from Cheeky Chompers, as seen on Dragon’s Den. Award Winning Teething Dribble Bibs, Neckerchews, and The New Baby Tooth Care Hub.

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Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes at

There, you can find a full article on the topic, videos that summarise the different elements and links to any tools or resources we’ve pointed out. You can also drop us a comment there and get involved in the conversation.

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Coming up in Episode 21 Fussy Eaters.

It’s normal for children to be fussy eaters – that is, to not like the taste, shape, colour or texture of particular foods.

It’s also normal for children to like something one day but dislike it the next, to refuse new foods, and to eat more or less from day to day.

This all happens because fussy eating is part of children’s development. It’s a way of exploring their environment and asserting their independence. And it’s also because children’s appetites go up and down depending on how much they’re growing and how active they are.

The good news is that children are likely to get less fussy as they get older. One day your child will probably eat and enjoy a whole range of different foods. I’ll be giving you my advice on how to make sure you don’t pull your hair out at mealtimes!

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