THE TODDLER ROADMAP Episode 15 – Siblings without Rivalry. Simple Tips to Stop Jealousy!

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Everything you need to raise a happy, confident, resilient toddler undamaged by living through a pandemic!




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Show notes:

In this episode we will be looking at sibling rivalry and why kids fight, and will be talking about why remaining calm in an uncertain world is important for your children despite living through a pandemic, the Ukraine war and the cost of living crisis.

In this episode:

  • Living in a Dangerous World. How to Avoid Passing Anxiety on to Your Kids.
  • Socks and Shoes Exercise: Seeing the World from Your Toddler’s Point of View
  • Find Out More About The #Soothment Movement
  • Chalk Art Ideas for Kids

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Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes

On the Parentverse: Sue Atkins in Conversation with Lauren Bruckner Author of ‘How to be a Superhero Called Self Control’


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Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes at

There, you can find a full article on the topic, videos that summarise the different elements and links to any tools or resources we’ve pointed out. You can also drop us a comment there and get involved in the conversation.

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Coming up in Episode 16 Positive and Practical Ways to Nurture Your Toddlers Self-Esteem

As parents we are forever being told about how we must nurture and not harm our child’s self-esteem but how do we go about doing this, and does a toddler or newborn have self esteem? Well, the answer is yes, with small children self esteem is incredibly important, but do you know how to nurture this and perhaps more importantly how not to damage it?

We’ll be looking at what self-esteem is and how to give it to your kids.

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