THE TODDLER ROADMAP Episode 14 – Smacking Special: Why There Are BETTER Ways to Teach Your Toddler

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Everything you need to raise a happy, confident, resilient toddler undamaged by living through a pandemic!




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Show notes:

In this episode we will be looking a smacking /spanking. This is not about judging, finger pointing or blaming but all about supporting, changing and empowering you with different solutions to the age old problem of raising happy, confident, well behaved kids who push our buttons but need our kindness, respect, trust and love.

In this episode:

  • Damage that smacking/spanking does to children mentally and physically.
  • Different solutions to age old problem of raising happy, confident, well behave kids.
  • ​Research about smacking.
  • ​Difference between discipline and punishment.
  • Alternatives to smacking.

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Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes

On the Parentverse: Sue Atkins in Conversation With Dr. Swati Popat Vats from India, who heads up the #IwillNot Campaign, Robbyn Peters Bennett from the USA who heads up the ‘No Spanking Challenge’ & Jane Evans from the UK a trauma specialist.


Listen to the Full Interview on The Parentverse


Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes at

There, you can find a full article on the topic, videos that summarise the different elements and links to any tools or resources we’ve pointed out. You can also drop us a comment there and get involved in the conversation.

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Coming up in Episode 15 Sibling Rivalry  

Sibling rivalry has always had a bad press – think of Cain slaughtering Abel and Joseph being thrown down the well and sold by his brothers because they were jealous of his beautiful multi coloured coat!

Sibling rivalry can apply to any child living in the same family, from stepbrothers and sisters to blood related brothers and sisters – and it refers to the jealousy, competition, teasing and fighting that goes on between them – and all the experts seem to agree that it stems from your child’s deep desire and need for your exclusive love – and their need for your attention and their sense of identity, self-worth and specialness within your family.

We’ll be looking at why siblings fight and what to do about it.

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