THE TODDLER ROADMAP Episode 13 – Preparing Toddlers for Handling a New Brother or Sister.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Everything you need to raise a happy, confident, resilient toddler undamaged by living through a pandemic!




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Show notes:

In this episode we will be looking at handling a new brother or sister positively and preparing your toddler for a new arrival. Your toddler doesn’t need to feel jealous towards their new sibling.We talk about some tips on how to handle this situation confidently and confidently.

In this episode:

  • Let your toddler feel their emotions and be patient with them.
  • ​Some lovely books that can help you with having a new born baby and a toddler.
  • ​Encourage your toddler to help in any way possible in taking care of the new born baby.
  • ​‘My Son Hates Brushing His Teeth – What Can I Do?’ 7 Tips to Help

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Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes

With Parentverse Guest Dr. Caspar Addyman – Author of ‘’The Laughing Baby’


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Remember, if you want to review what we’ve talked about, check out the full Show Notes at

There, you can find a full article on the topic, videos that summarise the different elements and links to any tools or resources we’ve pointed out. You can also drop us a comment there and get involved in the conversation.

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Coming up in Episode 14 Smacking Special 

Coming up in Episode 14 we will be looking a smacking /spanking. This is not about judging, finger pointing or blaming but all about supporting, changing and empowering you with different solutions to the age old problem of raising happy, confident, well behaved kids who push our buttons but need our kindness, respect, trust and love.

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