How Old Is Too Old For A Hug From Mum Or Dad?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

Sue in Conversation with … Tina Stubbs, Life’s Little Bugs

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Expert Interview – Tina Stubbs

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In this week’s episode: 

How Old Is Too Old For A Hug From Mum Or Dad?

Should we stop hugging our children when they hit the teenage year and more specifically – should dads stop hugging their daughters?

Your toddler bedtime and sleep questions answered 

Plus … 

Sue in Conversation with Tina Stubb of the fabulous Life’s Little Bugs books


Connect with Tina Stubbs

Website – Life’s Little Bugs

Twitter – @lifeslittlebugs

Facebook – Life’s Little Bugs

Instagram – lifeslittlebugs

Life’s Little Bugs – The App

Life’s Little Bugs – Good Habits Start Young

Life’s Little Bugs is an award-winning business providing workshops and training to schools and nurseries, as well as offering online courses to teachers, parents or entrepreneurs looking to run educational workshops as part of a new or existing portfolio.

Their award-winning books and products are all aimed at encouraging and supporting young children in the practice of fundamental habits to help their development into mindful, healthy, confident and caring young adults!

Tina’s range of books include: 

  • Doodle Bug: Doodle Bug is obsessed with drawing on…everything! Always ready with a spare paint brush in his hat. Read how he upsets others through his disrespect of their things and how a little thoughtfulness gives a happy ending.
  • Fitness Bug: Fitness Bug loves nothing more than a healthy meal and a few star jumps to liven himself up. Join him in his story and read how he helps others, like ‘Stan the Frog’ who is too much of a ‘lump to jump’. Read how he helps change their sluggish ways for a more fun and happier life!
  • Gum Bug: Gum Bug loves to damage our teeth and gums with his ‘plaque attack!’ But we can prevent this from happening by learning how to stop him giving us bad teeth with his nasty ways by following the simple oral care rules in this book.
  • Flu Bug: Colds and coughs aren’t much fun, but Flu Bug thinks it’s all in a day’s work to share himself around! Find out why the pigs don’t want to cough and the birds don’t want to wheeze.
  • Hum Bug: Hum Bug is that miserable little bug who always says ‘I can’t!’ Enjoy reading how positive thinking helps Hum Bug to think ‘I can!’ and what a positive change it makes to his life and those around him.
  • Tummy Bug: With his swirling tummy of green and yellow, Tummy Bug is a rather unhygienic fellow. Read how Jeff the cat and Mrs Beamer keep him away and learn how you can prevent those nasty illnesses by reading where Tummy Bug Lives and then put into practice doing the things he doesn’t!

For more information on these and Tina’s other products, please visit her online shop

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my daughter Emma has just turned 14 & I’ve become more mindful of hugging her in public. Pat Nevis from Northern Ireland

I’ll always remember learning a lesson in teenage etiquette when I went up to hug my son when he was only 13 at the school gate as I was a teacher at the same school and he looked mortified with embarrassment! I learnt to affectionately pat his shoulder and smile while saying goodbye so as not to embarrass him in front of his friends !

A hug is a lovely thing – what’s your story?

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The 5 Languages of Love

Q. Hi Sue my little Rebecca is turning 3 - what’s your toddler bedtime advice - how much sleep does she need? Ros Tierney from Belgium

I have created a FREE Checklist / Guide on Sleep which you can download from the link below:

Sleep Checklist

And also here is an article that will help you

All About Sleep

You might also want to sign up for my FREE webinar on Wednesday the 24th October – 8pm: 

Sleep – Beating Bedtime Battles with The Sleep Fairy

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