What Are The Best Tips For Travelling With Kids?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

In this episode we discuss:

What Are The Best Tips For Travelling With Kids?

Sizzling Summer: Tips to Help you ALL Enjoy the LONG Summer Hols

10 Simple, Quick & Easy Strategies for Stress-Free Air Travel with Children.

Fool Proof Tips to get Kids Away from Technology




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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, It’s the LONG Summer holidays and it’s always a juggle to entertain, keep the kids busy. What do I say when they whine ‘I’m bored?

Thank you for your question!

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Q. Dear Sue my toddler is anxious whenever I leave him, even with his Grandma. What can I do?’ Deidre Markham from Cardiff in Wales

Thank you for your question

Here is one of my articles:

Tips For Clingy Toddlers, Separation Anxiety & Nervous Kids

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