What Does School Readiness Mean?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

In this bumper episode:

I’m in conversation with Alexia Leachman about childbirth

Liat Hughes Joshi about her Technology parenting tips

Sarah Cressall from The Creation Station about Creativity

Anne Marie Christian about  Safeguarding 

Kathryn Peckham about School Readiness.

Alexia is the host of the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, and a therapeutic coach who works with women to help them to prepare – and have – a confidently, fearless birth. She used to have Tokophobia – extreme fear of pregnancy & birth – and she overcame it during her second trimester and which lead her to her website which will help you to enjoy a stress-free pregnancy and prepare yourself for a fear free birth.

Fear Free Childbirth

Alexia Leachman
Alexia is the host of the Fear Free Childbirth podcast

Liat Hughes Joshi is a London-based freelance writer and media commentator.

She has written five parenting books, including ‘5-Minute Parenting Fixes’ ‘New Old-fashioned Parenting’, ‘How to Unplug Your Child’, and ‘Raising Children: The Primary Years.’

Liat Hughes Joshi

Liat Hughes Joshi

Sarah Cressall. When Sarah became mum to Sam, Ollie and Josh, she recognised the lack of activities that nurtured each child’s own individual curiosity. It seemed more about putting information in rather than nurturing what was within to blossom.

Sarah developed educationally based creative arts and crafts programmes, with the support of her three boys, Sam Ollie and Josh – the chief testers (!), Duncan her husband, and her tech-savvy sister Fran Long. She is the founder of The Creation Station which helps unleash the wonder within, through fun and educational arts and crafts, classes, parties, events and products. They are very proud to be a multi-award-winning, five-star rated company, and they inspire over 14,500 children and families every week with their creative arts and crafts experiences across the UK.

Sarah Cressall & The Creation Station 

Sarah Cressall

Anne Marie Christian has worked in frontline child protection for over 20 years and she is passionate about ensuring schools and organisations are fully prepared in their ‘Duty to Safeguard’ children in all circumstances – and she also provides early help to young people and their families. She supports organisations with vulnerable families by offering supervision, trouble shooting, training and consultancy. Ann Marie is an accredited NSPCC trainer as well as a Safer Recruitment trainer accredited by the Department for Education.

She has vast experience in Safeguarding within Early Years, Youth Justice, Boarding Schools, International Schools.

Anne Marie Christian

Kathryn is the author of ‘Developing School Readiness; Creating Lifelong Learners.’ That has been Shortlisted for Best Professional Book by Nursery World Awards 2017

Kathryn is an active campaigner for children’s access to rich and meaningful experiences throughout their early years, & she passionately challenges current perceptions of ‘school readiness’.

As reflected within her books and publications she believes that every child has the right to the best start in life, free to enjoy their early years – a busy time of intrinsic value where children strive to make sense of their world, having fun exploring so that they become increasingly enchanted by it. Journeying through a lifetime of learning.

Kathryn Peckham

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