What To Do When Kids WHINE

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

In this packed episode we discuss what kids are learning when they fidget, climb or hang upside.

What To Do When Kids WHINE!

Plus how to tell if your child is taking part in the 24-Hour Fort challenge.

We chat about The Snowflake Generation and how to build resilience in our children.

 Gill ConnellSue In Conversation With …. Gill Connell an international expert and author  from New Zealand on what kids are learning when they fidget, climb or hang upside down episode 29

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Q. Dear Sue, I want my little boy Jack (who’s 3) to do well at school but he finds it hard to sit still & concentrate. He likes running about & playing. What can I do ? Theresa Gifford from Rochester in Kent.
Q. Dear Sue, my kids are always whining. What can I do it’s driving me mad! George Cant from Luton Beds

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