How Do I Teach My Kids To Wait?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode:

How Do I Teach My Kids To Wait?

In need of some quick parenting tips? Here’s my Traffic Lights, Pause Button and Scales Techniques

Teaching the Art of WAITING 

Plus .. 

I am in conversation with Joanna Jensen and Dr Jennifer Crawley from Childs Farm, the full interview is available to members of my Online Parenting Club from the link below: 

Sue in Conversation with Childs Farm

Connect with Childs Farm





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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, I’m stressed. I seem to be constantly on the go, rushing the kids here & rushing them there. Picking them up, dropping them off, rushing back from school to do a quick tea then rushing to football & swimming, then rushing back to do homework. I’m tired, they’re tired. My husband’s tired. I get cross, they get cross. Help ! Any ideas? Ursula Penrose from Ayr in Scotland

Hi Ursula 

Thanks for reaching out to me and I hope the advice I have given you during the show has helped. 

Here are the articles I referred to: 

Slow Down – the most beautiful song about raising children. I dare you not to cry!

Tips To Autonomy

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Q. Dear Sue my daughter Claire is so impatient - she wants everything NOW ! What can I do as she’s rushing through life & she’s not enjoying it or being fully present. Meera Patel from Swansea

Hello Meera 

I hope that my response during the show helped you, here are the articles I referred to

“Let’s wait until tea time” – teaching the art of WAITING!

The Marshmallow Test – and why it’s important to teach your kids to WAIT!

Also, please look at the featured product, The Positive Parent Daily Workout, as I think you will also find this useful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further support




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