How Do I Work from Home with Kids?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode:

How Do I Work from Home with Kids?

Juggling the Complexities of Working from Home with Kids

What to do when Kids Won’t Listen

The Four Styles of Parenting

Plus ….

Sue on LBC discussing her book ‘Parenting Made Easy’ & Child Obesity

Sue’s Four Styles of Parenting

Sue’s Disney Junior (UK) Parenting Hacks

Join TV star, and mum of two Helen Skelton (@helenskelton) as she talks to David Nichols from the road safety charity Brake (@brakecharity), parenting expert Sue Atkins (@sueatkins18) and parenting YouTuber Kate Murnane (@katebowbow) about their best top tips and hacks on keeping your children safe around roads, food play to encourage healthier eating and how to get your kids’ to get creative through arts and crafts.

Parenting Hacks – Road Safety Part One

Parenting Hacks – Road Safety Part Two

Join TV star and mum of two Helen Skelton (@helenskelton) as she talks to Dr Sweta Rai from the British Association of Dermatologists, parenting expert Sue Atkins (@sueatkins18), Izzy Judd (@mrs_izzyjudd) and blogger Freddie Harrell (@freddieharrell) about their top tips for keeping children safe in the sun as part of Sun Awareness Week, as well as teaching them the importance of acceptance and imaginative play.

Parenting Hacks – Sun Safety Part One

Parenting Hacks – Sun Safety Part Two

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, I always wanted to escape the Rat Race of commuting in & out of London & work from home. The problem is my kids keep interrupting me. From my son excitedly sharing his latest artwork to hearing my daughter sobbing when she doesn’t get own way. I have help with childcare 3 days a week but I’m finding it hard to meet deadlines amid distractions. Help ! Celia Johnson from Broadstairs.

Dear Celia 

I hope my advice helped you – here are some of my resources that I hope you will find useful. 

Weighing up your work life balance – the ultimate toolkit.

In this MP3/audio guide Sue will show you how to make your work/life balance simpler, more enjoyable and ultimately a more fulfilling experience. Drawing on the experiences of some of the best experts out there, Sue’s audio guide will give you the tools, techniques and strategies you need to be the best parent and employer you can be, whilst still keeping a healthy work/life balance.

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The Business Owners Family Survival Toolkit

Raising kids is hard, but doing it whilst growing a business can be a real challenge. If you’re struggling to balance your work with your family life, then you’re not alone. When time is scarce and your attention is pulled in all directions it’s easy to feel out of control, stressed and overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tools, techniques and strategies you can raise happy, confident kids and a strong, successful business too.

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Q. Dear Sue, my kids don’t listen to me. What can I do ? Ursula Babinski from Rochester Kent

Hi Ursula

Hope that my answer helped you – here is one of my MP3 Audio Course that I hope you will find useful

The Importance of Effective Communication

Parenting can sometimes feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. No matter how many times you say something, no one seems to listen! If you’re frustrated, exhausted and feeling fed up with being ignored, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to always be this way, in fact many parenting troubles can be solved with effective communication. By learning how to communicate effectively you’ll be able to better understand your children and speak to them in a way that they will really listen to!

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We also discussed the Four Styles of Parenting and I have included this diagram in this week’s Show Notes above. 

Hope this helps 



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