Do Summer Babies Struggle At School?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

Sue in Conversation with Tina Stubbs, Life’s Little Bugs

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In this week’s episode 

Do Summer Babies Struggle At School?

Summer babies: Would you like your child born in July or August to start school later?

Why crying once a week is the secret to a stress-free life

Would you change your child’s surname after splitting from your partner?

Plus … 

I’m on BBC Radio talking about Lawnmower Parents!

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my little girl Aarushi was born in July and is starting school just after her 4th birthday. I don’t feel she’s ready to start school in the September - what are my options? What can I do? Prisha Agarwal from Peckham, London

At such a young age, this could represent a significant difference in development. Some parents report not feeling that their four-year-olds are emotionally or physically mature enough to start school yet, and should be allowed to grow up a bit more before starting.

Speaking in December, schools minister Nick Gibb acknowledged there is “a link between the month that your child is born and academic results”, especially in primary years.

There are two main options for parents who don’t think their child is ready for school yet.

If you think your child would benefit from just a few more months at home, you can delay their start up until their fifth birthday.

You might, for example, want your child born in June to start school at the start of the spring or summer term, instead of in September. (Children have to start school, at the latest, at the start of the term after their fifth birthday).

Alternatively, you might want your child to start reception in September the year after they would ordinarily start.

You can request this, if your child is born between April and August – but councils don’t have to grant your request.

At the moment, the decision to let your child defer is in the hands of the individual schools and local authorities.

In 2015, the Department for Education said it would look at changing admissions rules so that children born between April 1 and August 31 would always be allowed to start reception a year later if their parents want – this was reiterated by school’s minister Nick Gibb in December, but changes have not yet been made.

So, for now, parents rely on the discretion of schools and local authorities.
Contact your local admissions department directly, with any evidence you may have which backs up the idea that your child isn’t yet ready for school.

Premature Babies
Options available for children born premature and starting school

One reason you might want to delay your child’s school start is that because of your child’s premature birth they have now fallen into the ‘wrong’ year group.
You may also feel that your child hasn’t reached the developmental level they need to be at to be ready for school.

There is no legal barrier to children starting school a year outside of their chronological age group.

However, schools are often reluctant to allow children to start their first school year when they are five and Government Guidance on the Admission of summer born children stresses that parents ‘can’t insist’ their child is placed out of their normal year group.

Additional Information

Great advice from Bliss

Here is an article I found that might help you: 

Summer babies: Can children born in July or August start school later – and is it better for them?

Q. Dear Sue, we live in Dubai and I feel disconnected from my family and friendship networks at home. What advice do you have about this and what impact will it have on my family? Elena Goddard.

I visited Dubai back in May and was interviewed by Jenny Mollon from Which School Advisor – here is my article based on that interview:

The problems and pressures of being an Expat.

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