How Do I Get My Son To Read More?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

This week’s episode of the Sue Atkins Parenting Show is sponsored by Nexus Education

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In this week’s episode: 

How Do I Get My Son To Read More?

Practical Tips to Help Shy Children

Encouraging Boys to Read More

What to do about Sleep Deprived Teens

Plus … 

I’m in Conversation with Jo Fitzgerald of Tiny Sponges, a hub for emotional well-being and resilience for children


You can hear my full interview with Jo by clicking here

Connect with Jo

Website – Tiny Sponges

Website – Jo Fitzgerald

Facebook – Jo Fitzgerald

Facebook Group – Tiny Sponges

Twitter – @TinySponges

Instagram – @tinysponges

Jo’s Books on Amazon

How To Keep Safe: …in a sometimes scary world

Children worry about scary situations. What if I get lost? What if there is a fire? What if…?
‘How To Keep Safe…’ is a book for 4-9-year olds and their parents to share. It’s a gentle, illustrated, rhyming story of a boy, his dog and his family. Together, they talk about what to do in case of getting lost, being in a home fire, or getting caught up in a dangerous event.

The family makes plans around keeping safe, knowing that bad things will probably never, ever happen. But just in case – they’ll know what to do. The book helps ease worry and anxiety in children and opens difficult conversations between parent and child over potential dangers and their feelings connected with this.

Also included is an extensive parent’s guide with suggested questions parents can ask, how to talk about feelings and ideas for making plans and rules together.

‘How To Keep Safe…’ has the power to help worried children, bring families together, and make plans that will them all safe.

Paperback – £10.99 / Kindle Edition – £5.99

Click here to order

Cold Toes at Christmas

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Holidays are often when we try to be together, but it’s not always possible.

In some cases, one or more parent is working over Christmas – nurses, police, sailors, and many more. In other cases, families that once were together are now living apart. In these cases, children may look at Christmas with sadness and longing. But there is hope!

In this delightfully illustrated story, Grandma tells her little ones about a Christmas she remembers, when she was very young, in her home far away. She was feeling sad and lonely and knew her Mum was sad too. She wanted things to be better – and if you throw a wish up to the sky, who knows what might happen?!

A magical story of love, wonder, imagination, hope, and Santa as you’ve never seen him before!

Our lives aren’t always perfect, but if we are loved and if we have hope, if we believe – well, that makes us stronger.

And, especially at Christmas, we all need to believe – don’t we?

Kindle Edition only – £4.99 (Release date 1st November 2018)*

Click here to order

*The links and pricing will be updated following the release of Jo’s wonderful book on general sale. 

Our Show Sponsor – Nexus Education

Nexus Education is an online community for over 11,000 teachers across the UK sharing ideas, best practise and CPD (all for free) via the form of blogging and vlogging.

Nexus Education also run their acclaimed NeXworking events where they donate £1,000 to school groups in exchange for just 90 mins at a termly meeting. During this 90 mins the schools get to workshop with solutions that have been hand picked to answer their specific needs. Since September 500 schools have already come on board and we encourage you too as well!

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, I’m having trouble getting my 9 year old son George to read regularly. Any solutions up your sleeve? Olivia Dursley from Cornwall
Q. Dear Sue, my daughter Monika is shy. She’s just turning 12 & I’m worried that she’ll hit the teen years & not enjoy them. Can you help ? Zsófi Varga from Budapest

Here is an article to help you

Helping Your Shy Child

I would also recommend that you take a look at my CAN DO Kids Journal

Aimed at children from 7-13 The ‘Can Do Kid Journal’ is all about helping children feel more confident, more assertive and more relaxed in all areas of their lives knowing that they have some tried and tested strategies, simple practical techniques, and a highly effective set of tools, empowering them to make some small changes quickly & easily that will make a COMPLETE difference to their lives.

The ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal will empower a generation of children to become creative, innovative, independent, resourceful, resilient & confident in their own abilities to try new things, and be resourceful enough to tackle anything and bounce back after setbacks.

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