How Do I Get My Child To Stop Interrupting?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

How Do I Get My Child To Stop Interrupting?

In another packed episode we discuss my practical tips about what to do  if your kids interrupt you ALL the time, we look at  creating ‘Verruca Salt Pampered Princesses’ with untidy teenagers on my interview on BBC Radio  & we talk about preparing kids to fend for themselves at University & should we teach cooking in schools again?

I was also interviewed on Which School Advisor about the pressures & problems of being an Expat parent.

Also here is my ‘On The Couch – Teens, Studying & Exam Stress’ phone in on Dubai Eye Radio where you can pick up tips, techniques and avoiding ‘Red Shirting’ your kids!

 Dubai Eye

On The Couch – Teens, Studying & Exam Stress on Dubai Eye Radio



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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. My son Peter is leaving for University in 6 months but I’m worried that he’ll eat junk food all the time as he ‘s not much of a cook. What can we do? Louise Dongford from Lancashire

I have lots of Quick Win Videos around handling the tricky teenage years – it says what it does on the tin – Quick Answers to Raising Teens.

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Q. My daughter Jess constantly interrupts me when I’m talking to other people either face to face or when I’m on the phone. What can I do as it’s driving me mad? Georgina Rectory from Limpsfield Surrey

Interrupting When You’re Talking

 Why you shouldn’t ignore it: Your child may be incredibly excited to tell you something or ask a question, but allowing her to butt in to your conversations doesn’t teach her how to be considerate of others or occupy herself when you’re busy. As a result, she’ll think that she’s entitled to other people’s attention and won’t be able to tolerate frustration. Plus it’s plain bad manners and attention seeking.

 Talk & Teach her your rules – be specific and confident

 How to stop it: The next time you’re about to make a call or visit with a friend, tell your child that she needs to be quiet and not interrupt you. Then settle her into an activity or let her play with a special toy that you keep tucked away. If she tugs on your arm while you’re talking, point to a chair or stair and tell her quietly to sit there until you’re finished. Afterwards, let her know that she won’t get what she’s asking for when she interrupts you.

Mean business – don’t be apologetic or wishy washy – be clear, firm and have consequences if she disobeys

Praise and celebrate when she does as she’s told.

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