Why Shaming Your Kids Isn’t Effective Discipline.

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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In this episode:

What Does Shaming Do to a Child?

Why Shaming Your Kids Isn’t Effective Discipline.

Shaming your child damages their self esteem & breaks down trust. 

Andy Merriman talks about adjusting as a Dad to Down’s Syndrome, we discuss is it ever OK to put your kids ‘on a diet’ & the shocking rise of internet ‘child shaming’

I was on The Wright Stuff discussing

‘The Diet Starts Monday’ – what do you think as Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher’s teen daughters’ clothes line PULLS controversial ‘diet’ hoodie modelled by 11-year-old Lexie Gerrard.



I got visibly upset at ‘The Sun’ Newspaper article: A CRYING SHAME The shocking rise of internet ‘child shaming’: how parents are taking to social media to humiliate and punish their kids on camera



Why Shaming Your Kids Isn’t Effective Discipline. Shaming your child damages their self esteem & breaks down trust.


Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Our son Tom is a fit rugby playing lad of 14 but recently he came home from school after he had been weighed, beside himself as he had been told that he was ‘obese.’ We followed up with the school as he’s fit, active & eats healthily but his self esteem has taken a MASSIVE hit. What do we do to help him?’ Graham Digby from Grimsby
Q. Question Sue we’re thinking of increasing our family to 3 but we’re bothered about the ‘middle child syndrome’ What’s your advice? Ruth Handerfield from Hamburg in Germany

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