How Can Children Be Prepared For The Real World Of Work?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

Dr. Ger Graus OBE

How Can Children Be Prepared For The Real World Of Work?

A packed episode of The Sue Atkins Show this week where we discuss preparing your kids for the world of work, as I talk to Andrew Castle on LBC radio about the CBI call for the reform of careers advice in schools, I chat to my friend Dr. Ger Graus global Director of Education at KidZania who is passionate about helping children discover the vast array of jobs available to them in a changing world & we look at Signs That Your Baby is Allergic To Formula as well as the fascinating interview with Alexia Leachman on Fear Free Childbirth.



Alexia Leachman
Alexia is the host of the Fear Free Childbirth podcast

Alexia is the host of the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, and a therapeutic coach who works with women to help them to prepare – and have – a confidently, fearless birth. She used to have Tokophobia – extreme fear of pregnancy & birth – and she overcame it during her second trimester and which lead her to her website which will help you to enjoy a stress-free pregnancy and prepare yourself for a fear free birth.

Alexia says ‘As a woman today, you can’t look anywhere without coming across something or someone telling you what a nightmare childbirth is; painful, traumatic, dramatic, horrific… you name it. No wonder so many women are fearful of birth!

If you’re pregnant, it’s even worse because people will actually make an effort to let you know how awful it is because they think it will “prepare” you. Well I’d like to offer you a different type of preparation. I’d like to shine a light on the other aspects of birth so that you can see the whole picture and decide for yourself.’

Alexia’s website is the home of her Fear Free Childbirth podcast and is a melting pot of information about pregnancy and birth. You can listen to real mums sharing their positive birth stories, birthing experts sharing their wisdom and Alexia sharing ways that you can reduce your stress and fear around birth. There are lots of resources – to help you on your fearless birthing journey so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your birth.

Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue I really want to help my daughter Zofia to have great skills for when she starts work – what do you suggest? She helps out in our shop on Saturdays but what else can we do to help her as she’s a bit lacking in confidence?” Zuzanna Nowak from Finchley.
Q. Dear Sue I want to move my baby onto formula milk but I’m worried because I’m not sure about the signs of a formula allergy. Can you help?

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