Busting the myth of perfect parenting (because there’s no such thing!)

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

Busting the myth of perfect parenting (because there’s no such thing!)


“If you get to the end of the day and the house is a mess and you feel like you’ve achieved nothing – you are not a failure. You kept a small human clean, warm and full. That is not nothing, that is everything.”

Vicki Dawson

Vicki Dawson

Vicki Dawson CEO & Founder of The Sleep Charity a growing, national charity. She is on the Board of the British Paediatric Sleep Association and is also a member of the British Sleep Society. She was recently awarded an “Outstanding Leadership Award’ from the Duke of York Community Initiative which she’s extremely proud of.

Vicki also produces The Children’s Sleep Charity’s training materials in partnership with a range of sleep experts. She creates a number of accredited training packages for school staff and a 3 day course for people who’d like to train to become sleep practitioners.

She has produced numerous sleep publications including material for The Sleep Council, Contact a Family and government materials. She co-wrote ‘Sleep and Your Special Needs Child’ with Antonia Chitty which was published last year.





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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my son (who’s 9) seems unsettled and keeps asking me if I love him. I’ve asked him if he’s upset at school or at any of his Clubs and that’s not it. We haven’t had a new baby or had any major change. I wonder what I can do to reassure him and show him just how much we ALL love him?” Prisha Patel from Birmingham


In our modern society raising happy, confident, well balanced and emotionally healthy kids is often increasingly difficult. Kids seem to speak a completely different language when they are texting or chatting on the internet that is sometimes hard to understand yet one really important aspect to parenting is to meet your child’s need for love. But did you know there are actually five primary ways in which your child expresses and receives love? And did you know that every child has their own unique way of perceiving that love?

The 5 Languages Of Love


Q. “Dear Sue, we seem to store up resentments and anger in our family then one of us EXPLODES and it all comes tumbling out – but not in a very nice way. We say things in anger that we usually regret. Any ideas to help?” Josh Whittaker from Pimlico


For me, one key place for teaching tolerance, respect, and important social values is in the home and it begins with positive and confident parenting.

Homes are the natural place for children to be taught these key social skills easily by example, and they can be passed on as simply as just sitting around the kitchen table and eating together and chatting regularly.

Topic of the month – Family Talk Time


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