SAPS 46 – #GlitterGate, Perfectionism & Autism, Plus Ways To Cope With OCD

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my 9-year-old son is struggling with perfectionism and he violently hits himself on the head when he perceives that he’s made a mistake or not done something perfectly. What can we do as it is causing him and us lots of anxiety. Ruby Haslete from Dorking in Surrey

Article What Drives Perfectionism in Autism & How You Can Help Your Child Cope –

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Q. Dear Sue, my teenage daughter has developed a very strange routine on the way to school around counting the traffic light times whilst we are in the car. It’s making me stressed, unsure what to do and nervous about what is causing this. Can you help? Helen Underhill from Fife in Scotland.

Article It’s not me it’s my OCD’ – ways to alleviate and reduce the symptoms.

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Show notes:

Article in The Guardian 10 ways to help the parent of a child with autism.

Topic 1 #GlitterGate  On Sky News

With concern growing over pollution and health, people are demanding a reduction in the amount of single-use plastic – and the choice to buy food not wrapped in plastic. A Plastic Planet is working with: politicians, scientists, charities, NGOs, packaging manufacturers, consumer goods producers, and supermarkets themselves to deliver the campaign’s aim. The campaign founder is entrepreneur Sian Sutherland, former CEO of Mio & I discuss GLITTER  as Tops Nurseries bans it –  who knew !

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