How to Safely Celebrate Christmas 2020 During Coronavirus.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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How to Safely Celebrate Christmas 2020 During Coronavirus.

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Sue’s Tuppence Worth

What About Me? Reframing Support for Families following Parental Separation

A report by the Family Solutions Group, entitled What about me?: Reframing Support for Families following Parental Separation, has been published.

President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, said:

“This report brings together the various lines of thinking of recent years aimed at finding a better way to achieve good co-parenting between separated parents. It is an important and impressive document.

“It should be a matter of concern for society in general to achieve better co-parenting between separating couples. It is thought that about 40 per cent of all separating parents bring issues about their children’s care to the Family Court for determination, rather than exercising parental responsibility and sorting problems out themselves. This figure is both startling and worrying. Where there are no issues of domestic abuse or child protection, parents ought to be able, or encouraged, to make arrangements for their own child, rather than come to a court of law and a judge to resolve the issues.

“The number of these private law applications continues to increase, and the trend is that more and more parents see lawyers and the court as the first port of call in dispute resolution, rather than as the facility of last resort as it should be in all cases where domestic abuse or child protection are not an issue.

We need Major Change

The courts can only do so much, any major change requires widespread engagement and support.

It’s about having the mindset and maturity to put your children at the centre of the divorce and to speak to a mediator to help you if you get stuck


I work with lots of parents untangling their relationships and routines during and after a divorce or separation – it often helps to have a detached, non-involved person as a sounding board to help with clarity, direction and confidence going forward during a really difficult time.


Contact me if you’d like to work with me on 01883 818329.

You can read the report here 


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These are challenging times for children & the whole family.

We all need variety, fun and things to look forward to.

The secret is to break the day & the week up and to plan a variety of different, simple & small activities.

Perhaps you could create an ‘Our (Family Name) Ideas Jar’ or ‘Our Great Indoors Jar’

It is simple, quick and fun to make.

Find a lovely jar and decorate it with glitter and other crafty things and then get your kids to write on some slips of paper lots of fun, simple, inexpensive ideas for things to do to pop into the jar.

So, when they moan. ‘I’m bored’ or ‘What can we do now?’ they can pick out something from their jar and they have something to do, make, explore or play.

You can include – building a den, learning about volcanoes/mountains/ animals online, exploring a new hobby like painting by numbers, learning to cook or bake, learning to play a new musical instrument, setting up a family challenge for everyone to get involved in, playing ball games outside, exploring nature, planting something in a pot to watch it grow & nurture, going for a bike ride, baking biscuits, playing with Lego, reading a book, climbing a tree, making up a puppet play, making an obstacle course, feeding the birds, to walking the dog.

You get the idea!




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