Is ADHD a Real Disorder? The Top 10 Myths.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In This Episode :

Is ADHD a Real Disorder? The Top 10 Myths.

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Sue’s Tuppence Worth

Solving the parenting puzzle

The behaviour, performance, and future of a child are closely connected with your parenting style.

The Greek philosopher Plato had said that the upbringing of a child should start before his birth!

Children feel comfortable when you exhibit confidence, which gives them a feeling of being in safe hands. Anxiety and insecurity bring uncertainty into the relationship, which causes stress and anxiety.  Most parenting experts and family counsellors believe that your parenting style affects your child’s behaviour and performance in all aspects.


What are your parenting styles?

Read my article in the Fabulous Magazine for the Sun newspaper around Lighthouse Parenting, & Lawnmower parenting styles :

So, what is YOUR Parenting Style? Find out here …..



Hello Helen – it sounds like you are a lovely, caring mum.

Children develop at their own time & at their own speed but if the teacher & school is reaching out to work with you it’s not a criticism of you or your parenting.

I’d be open to exploring how you can work together to help your young son.  I have lots of articles, blogs, videos & help on my website & in my Parenting Club & I work with parents 1-2-1 to support you if that’s helpful. Sometimes children are often overtired & it manifests as ADHD or something triggers them.

Look for self-regulating activities that build his concentration – over time – a minute or two at a time. I hope that helps ?

My resources to help

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