What is Black History Month & Why Is It Important To Celebrate It?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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What is Black History Month & Why Is It Important To Celebrate It?

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Why Black History Month is important for everyone

Explaining race and racism to children can feel like a minefield, but it doesn’t have to be difficult and it is very important that you start early otherwise not talking about race and racism sends a message to children that this is a taboo topic, no matter what their age, and that isn’t going to help us change perceptions or policies.



Never Too Young

Children are never too young to learn to celebrate and embrace differences and by keeping an ongoing dialogue about race and racism throughout your child’s formative years helps them develop respect for and acceptance of others.

Read them picture books, watch TV shows and films like ‘Hidden Figures’ that celebrate people of all colours, cultures and religions, but include examples of these people & kids doing everyday things so that they won’t see difference as unusual.

Actively seek out diverse playgroups, child care & friendships and be ready, open and confident to answer your kids natural curiosity and their questions.

Children learn their values, attitudes and behaviour from you initially as you are your child’s primary role model. So, to be a positive role model in how you handle diversity & ‘talk and teach’ your kids to respect and to embrace differences.

Have a wide, culturally diverse social network yourself & encourage your children to have diverse circles of friends, as well. This lends itself to engagement in multicultural activities and experiences as a normal part of life.

Talk to your children about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Barack &  Michelle Obama

but also talk to them about the new creative people forging a new path like:

Laura Henry-Allain, creator of Jo Jo and Gran Gran, the 1st Black animation for young children on CBeebies.






Serlina Boyd  creator of the 1st Black children’s magazines for boys and girl



And my guest this week Wa’qaar A Mirza Creator of The Children’s Animation ‘Zayn & Zayna’s Little Farm’,  an animated show and book series for children, which follows brother and sister, Zayn & Zayna, on adventures with their Muslim family on their British farm.



Tuppence Worth

They were raised to be ‘colour-blind’ — but now more white parents are learning to talk about race.

A thought-provoking article in The Washington Post




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