How will you be treated if you give birth during COVID-19?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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How will you be treated if you give birth during COVID-19?

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Tuppence Worth

NEW MUMS FEEL ‘ABANDONED AND ISOLATED’: New mums and pregnant women feel isolated and abandoned after lack of support from healthcare professionals and the government

  • Study carried out by Colief reveals 1 in 2 are pausing the plan to have another baby due to pandemic concerns
  • Mums are 63% more stressed about their pregnancy in comparison to before the pandemic
  • Half of the nation’s babies are born with colic, leaving over a third of mums feeling helpless


BRITAIN’S new mums and pregnant women are feeling isolated and abandoned because of a lack of support caused by coronavirus restrictions, a study shows.

Thousands have had to go for hospital scans alone, have been left on their own after current health protocols often force partners to leave directly after the birth and have had a couple of pre and post-natal check-ups and mid-wife visits in person during their pregnancy.

Research by brand Colief, who offer a range of gentle products that provide soothing comfort to babies, children and new mothers, shows that almost two thirds of news mums feel they have had less healthcare support because of the pandemic, and that having a baby in the middle of the crisis was much scarier than it should be.

Of the worst effects on being pregnant or giving birth in the pandemic, over half of new mums feel isolated because of the pandemic, 43% think triggering mental health has been the worst impact, and 1 in 2 are now pressing pause on the plan of having another baby in the next 3 years due to pandemic concerns.

The pandemic has added immense pressure to pregnancy journeys.

Top challenges include family and friends not being allowed to visit (60%), partner having to leave shortly after birth and not allowed back into the ward (52%), and after-care being delivered differently (37%).

With the lack of guidance and support available, half of new mums have no idea what the effects of COVID19 are on pregnancy and giving birth, with only 35% fully trusting their healthcare facility to ensure the birthing process is safe and risk free.

Faye, a paediatric physiotherapist, said she has found an app called Peanut really helpful – which she described as “like Tinder for meeting mums”.


Connecting women across fertility and motherhood

Here’s how other new mums are coping


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, I’m planning on leaving my husband who is completely controlling for the last 15 years. It’s quite a toxic time and I’m feeling really guilty and stressed about the effect it will have on my children. I think I have low self esteem as my husband blames me for everything and always has. What advice can you give me please? Vivien, Surrey


I’m actually coaching a mother 1-2-1 of young adults about something similar – and what I’ve asked her to think about this week and through the whole process is – ‘What is fair for both of us?

Also for parents of younger children and teens:

Three C’s of Divorce that a parent needs to think about:


  • I didn’t CAUSE it
  • I can’t CONTROL it, so
  • I need help COPING with it!

There is a wealth of resources on my blog, in my Parenting Club and for really 1-2-1 personal support, practical advice and your own personal champion work once a week with me for an hour so I can support, nurture and help you through this extremely challenging time – particularly with the added stress of a pandemic

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