How Do Parents Get Through Teenage Years?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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In This Episode :

How Do Parents Get Through Teenage Years?


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Sue’s Tuppence Worth

The stress of online classes: How parents can help kids to cope

Due to stress, parents might start noticing behavioural changes in their children such as excessive arguments, refusals, opposition, defiance, or withdrawal, and it is not unusual for some kids to fall further behind.


Sue’s Advice

The Gift of Listening

One of the keys to helping children adapt will be about the strength of your ability to listen to them.

Relationships will be the key to healing, adapting, adjusting and developing resilience.

Talking & listening & just holding the space for your children to feel heard will help them feel understood.

Emotions will be complex depending on the age of your child & their personal experience of the last few months.

Try not to second guess how they feel & don’t negate what they say.  Just hold the space for them to talk with you.  Stay calm and confident and be that safe and stable place for each of your children to explore their feelings free from criticism, judgement or censure.

Your children are individuals & have different personalities & experiences so honour their individual feelings – we are all different & no one size fits all.


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I recently interviewed Nathan McGurl about his fabulously helpful app.

Big Goals, Small Steps”: why goal setting is good for kids.




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Teens & Drugs: Why Do Teenagers Take Drugs?

Teens & Drugs: Why Do Teenagers Take Drugs?


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. My son is 15 and I'm worried about his lack of motivation - he's not getting up until one o'clock most days. It's hard enough motivating a lazy monosyllabic teen boy who doesn't really care much about school in normal times, but add in Covid19 and I’m at the end of my tether’ Petra Anderson from Andover, Hampshire


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