How Do I Talk About Racism To My Kids?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In This Episode :

How Do I Talk About Racism To My Kids?


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Message from Sue Atkins :

I recently did a Webinar for ‘Which School Advisor‘ with my friend and colleague Laura Henry-Allain creator of the Cbeebies hit series for children JoJo and Gran Gran. Laura has been an early years trainer and consultant for many years.

Which School Advisor said, ‘We hear you loud and clear! Online, at-home learning is HARD with children under 5. To try to support our readers we recently held a webinar with two renowned Early Years experts, Sue Atkins, and Laura Henry. Their advice was so powerful that we have decided to bring together a series of video clips to share with you here.’

They share here the very best video excerpts from the recent webinar with Early years experts Sue Atkins and Laura Henry.

We covered how to keep a 5-year-old engaged in his schoolwork, how to help kids with their concentration, and ways to support children with SEN to learn at home to name only a few of the questions.

 Sue’s Pause to Ponder 

Ask yourself this crucial question: How do I ‘talk and teach’ my kids about how to handle bullies?


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue How do I talk to my kids about all the protests around the world in the News? Jim O'Shaughnessy from Kildare in Ireland

Listen to Sue’s response to this question in this week’s Podcast.

My article Talking to Kids About Racism

Laura Henry- Allain & Sue’s ‘Taking on Coronavirus’ – we discuss this also on our weekly chat with Kevin Mulryne

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