How Do You Teach A Teenager To Take Responsibility For Their Actions?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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In This Episode :

How Do You Teach A Teenager To Take Responsibility For Their Actions?


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Greetings from Sue!

Sue chats about Childminders

Of all the groups affected by government moves to get schools and childcare settings fully open, the stakes are probably highest for childminders.

No-one else potentially invites infection into their own homes while they work.

Just like schools, many childminders never closed, instead, staying open throughout the crisis to look after the children of key workers and children classed as vulnerable.

Childminders are “the unsung heroes of the pandemic”


How To Talk & Teach Your Kids About Trust, Responsibility, Integrity & Telling The Truth

The first place I start with the parents I work with, in my family workshops is to find out their core values so that they have clarity, direction, and confidence in the bigger picture of their parenting.

Kids learn so much for you – they learn, respect, tolerance, resilience, tenacity, a work ethic, having another go, bending not breaking through adversity, kindness, empathy, doing the right thing, honesty, fairness, courage to say “No” and the ability to do the right thing in important moments.


Sue’s tips for Children Returning to School after Lock Down


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Sue, I don’t know what to say to my kids who are 14 & 16 about the lies, spin & storytelling that the Dominic Cummings scandal has thrown up in our house. What are your thoughts? Steve Woodcock from Shooters Hill

Listen to Sue’s Full Response in this week’s Episode :

Sue’s asks the crucial questions :

How do you talk and teach your kids about integrity, and trust and responsibility? and Has the Dominic Cummings business made it harder?

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