Can I Be Fined For Not Sending My Child To School During Covid 19?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Can I Be Fined For Not Sending My Child To School During Covid 19?


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Sue’s Pause to Ponder

Coaching questions help you to bridge the gap between where you are now, to where you would like to be in your family relationships.

Every week I post up a question for you to ponder & reflect on.


Some people find it helpful to save the question on their phone to see each morning to get them thinking, others like to pop the question up on the fridge in the kitchen to pause to ponder throughout the week.

Whatever works for you.

But no beating yourself up now!

Just the act of ‘Kaizen’ – the Japanese word for “improvement.”

Relax & just enjoy steadily improving as a positive, relaxed, and fantastic parent!

I’d love to hear how you get on this week so do a post at the bottom of the post.

‘Which child in our family is most likely to be overlooked, and why?’


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Watch Sue Atkins as she joins Irwin Mitchell solicitors on their webinar.


Friday 15th May – International Families Day

Sue joined International Families Day with Positively Empowered Kids, together with other international speakers and authors with engaging, interactive activities to help parents during lockdown & beyond.

A message from Sue


I saw this notification and thought it was really interesting.

We’re living through a moment in history. A moment we must capture as we will be talking about it for many years to come.

Life, for the time being, has been turned upside down, but we also know from past moments in history that challenging times like this are also times of great creativity as people adjust to new ways of living and working.


We’ll learn a lot from what we’re experiencing today and so much of what we are learning will help make positive changes to the way we live, work, and play in the future.

So, we wanted to make sure that we record this important moment in time through the eyes of the next generation.

Their website is now live!

Read all about our global #art project and submit #artwork!

Let’s capture this moment in history through #artistic expression for future generations.

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my son has Cerebral Palsy & requires more & more of my time & care. I’m worried about his sister. What are your thoughts? Rupal Patel from Aberdeen

Caring for a seriously ill child takes a tremendous toll on the whole family, physically, mentally, and emotionally and your healthy children are no exception.


They too suffer from lack of your time, and may feel resentful and angry about the time, energy, and focus that naturally has to go on to their sick brother or sister. This can then lead to feelings of guilt as they try to process their mixed emotions.


As parents, your exhaustion, stress, and uncertainty about how to respond to the needs of your other children can leave you feeling guilty and running on empty — and might even find that you begin to downplay or ignore the impact your child’s illness may have on your other children.


By being aware of what healthy siblings are going through, and taking a few steps to make things a little easier, you can address, pre-empt and be prepared for some of the issues before they impact on your whole family.


Read more of my article to help


How Healthy Children Feel. Caring for Siblings of very Sick Children.

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