Are The Danish Better At Raising Kids?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In This Special Episode :

Are The Danish Better At Raising Kids? 


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Let’s take a look at what Sue’s been up to lately!


Sue discusses parenting younger children in the lockdown age.

Sue was joined by a panel of professionals in this Webinar on ‘Parenting younger children (3-8 years) in the lockdown age’.

The Webinar was presented by Education World and ParentsWorld Magazine (that Sue writes for every month) and in association with Early Childhood Association India Association for Primary Education & Research APER.


Sue joined Natalie Borrell to discuss Teenagers

We talk about why many teens lack confidence, what they can to the will help build resiliency & how to build bridges not walls between you during the teenage years.


Sue Joined Bloom on their Instagram Live show

Being a new parent is difficult enough! Add in a lockdown, and the result is a staggering hundred of thousands of new parents feeling isolated and at high risk of postnatal depression.

@bloom_sunderland on Instagram

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Sue and Laura Henry-Allain – creator of the BBC CBeebies hit children’s series ‘Jo Jo & Gran Gran’ do a weekly take on the week’s events, with tips, ideas, and reflections.

A NEW self-love magazine for girls of colour aged 6-13 years

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The Sue Atkins Can-Do Kid’s Journal

This journal will help kids feel more confident, relaxed, and happy in all aspects of their life. Adorned with fun illustrations, it is designed to develop a can-do attitude that encourages ‘having a go’, accepting that mistakes might be made along the way.  From this, kids can develop the mindset to take the small steps needed to make big dreams come true.

Full of practical techniques and fun activities, from drawing and colouring to thought-provoking questions, this journal from parenting expert Sue Atkins will empower children to build resilience and a growth mindset. It is the perfect tool to help kids find their superpowers and put small changes into practice that will make a big difference in their lives.

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