Why Is The Home School Connection Important?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In This Week’s Episode :

Why Is The Home School Connection Important?

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Sue in Conversation with Ross McGill



Tuppence Worth

Should teachers guard takeaways ‘like bouncers’ at home time?

I was asked to chat to Eamonn Holmes on his Drive Time Show on talkRADIO about this story of Police being called after a school banned kids from entering food shops on the way home – even placing teachers as “bouncers” outside a chip shop.

See the Article –> HERE

The children from Cotham School in Bristol are barred from entering at least three convenience stores and a takeaway during home time between 2.45pm and 3.15pm.

I was outraged as a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher – it’s NOT their job to police kebab shops and chicken take-aways – kids don’t learn from such drastic measures – they’ll go there even more as they like challenging adults during the teenage years –  we need to teach them to take responsibility for their food habits – and of course educate parents.

I KNOW it’s a big problem but making teachers bouncers isn’t the answer.

LISTEN TO THE CLIP FROM MY INTERVIEW WITH Eamonn Holmes on TalkRADIO in this week’s episode.


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my daughter Mollie keeps getting in trouble with her teacher for losing the newsletter that she is supposed to bring home every Friday in her school bag. It gets crumpled, torn, lost and forgotten and she misses telling us about parents’ evenings, Mufti days and school fairs. What can we do – she’s 5 by the way. And YES, we do look in her book bag! - Maggie Bailey from Telford.

Hi Maggie,

I write for ParentMail – an app that connects schools and parents, efficiently and reliably using modern technology, making essential communications much simpler for everyone.

There are lots of these apps available so why not go and have  a chat with the Head teacher about alternatives to the traditional snail post?

It’s proven, children achieve more when parents are involved with their education so it’s great that you want to be actively involved.

You can read my regular articles on simple, effective Parental Engagement between home and school  here –>  https://www.parentmail.co.uk/blog/category/sue-atkins-parent-expert/

where I write about some great tips to get kids talking & opening up  to you at the end of each day, to tips for getting the most out of parents evening, to tips for moving from primary to secondary school effortlessly.

Hope this helps,


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