What Are The Best Apps For My Special Needs Child?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode

What Are The Best Apps For My Special Needs Child?

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Sue in Conversation with Beverley and Colin Dean

Tuppence Worth

Pressure can take away the pleasure of bringing up kids.

Sue’s tips on how NOT to let social media crush you.

A survey by mothers’ meet-up app ‘Mush’ revealed that while social media gives new mums a vital link to the outside world, it’s piling on the pressure to meet unrealistic standards.

The Evening Standard reported that glossy images both of celebs and of their own friends often made participants feel bad. Over 80% said Instagram and Facebook “added pressure to be the perfect mum”. Nearly 60% said Instagram gives them a ‘fear of missing out’, and 40% said it makes them feel anxious.


60% of respondents admitted to editing their own social media feed to present a more positive picture of their lives.


  • Parenting is NOT a competitive sport
  • Step back – ‘Pause to Ponder’ is what I’m looking at an idealised lifestyle – I’ve been working with The Mummy Diaries and Nelly certainly feels the pressure & she’s only 5!
  • Am I getting sucked in?
  • Will my kids thank me for posting and plastering their personal photos around the internet to feed MY need for significance?
  • Shouldn’t some things just stay private – eg Jo Swash telling his Instagram following that he’s tasted Stacey Solomon’s breastmilk.
  • Are my comments on social media – push ups or pull downs? Am I watering a weed or encouraging a flower to bloom?
  • Stay away from social media for a bit …. you won’t die!



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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my son Logan is studying for exams soon as he has just gone into Year 6. The pressure to do well isn’t coming from us but from the school and from him. How can we help him find the balance between healthy stress and overwhelm? Josie Rowland from Paignton in Devon.

Dear Josie,

Here are my tips on how to ensure your kids are stretched not stressed:


  • Happy students make for better students.


  • A certain amount of pressure is integral to learning.


  • Study after academic study only confirms what common sense supposes – balance is key.


  • But inflated expectations, whether held by school or parents or increasingly by students themselves, can be cruel taskmasters. Today’s youngsters have to cope with an online environment that can distract and diminish in equal measure, as well as academic pressure that has rarely been more competitive.


  • ‘Be the Antidote’ – play board games, go bowling, get out in the fresh air all together walking the dog, invite their friends round to chill out, watch films and eat popcorn sometimes, schedule proper structured study time, take regular breaks, eat that frog ( do your least favourite subject first) listen to music, put away your mobile phone and DON’T listen to the swots who say they aren’t doing anything but who really are – help your child let pressure go over their head like to Red Arrows flying past – don’t pick up all the negative, stressful vibes of others.


Hope that helps!


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