How can I make my morning routine fun? Sue gives advice to Billy Faiers from The Mummy Diaries.

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode:

How can I make my morning routine fun? Sue gives advice to Billy Faiers from The Mummy Diaries.


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Sue in Conversation with Neale Godfrey

Sue Gives Parenting Advice to Billie and Greg Shepherd



Even the rich and famous struggle with their kids! ?

Sue chats about working with the Mummy Diaries and Disney Junior UK – and has filmed with Billie and Greg in their home in Essex – Sue’s excited to tell you about all the videos she’s filmed promoting her Disney Junior FACEBOOK LIVES that she does on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 11 am.

The next one is on December 3rd at 11am – Don’t miss it!

We talked about these topics:



 Temper Tantrums Video: 8/11/19 at 07:00am

 Bad Behaviour Video: 15/11/19 at 07:00am

 Morning Routine Video:  22/11/19 at 07:00am

 Bedtime Routine Video:  29/11/19 at 07:00am

 Dental Care: 06/12/19 at 07:00am

 Keeping Active: 13/12/19 at 07:00am

 Self Esteem: 20/12/19 at 07:00am



 Temper Tantrums Video: 8/11/19

 Bad Behaviour Video: 15/11/19

 Morning Routine Video:  22/11/19

 Bedtime Routine Video:  29/11/19

 Dental Care: 06/12/19

 Keeping Active: 13/12/19

 Self Esteem: 20/12/19

 Fussy Easting: 27/12/19



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We chatted about the pressure of being filmed ALL the time and Nelly’s Night Terrors and Temper Tantrums & how that might affect her growing up in the public spotlight.

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my son Josh is really lazy around the house – he’s coming up to 11 and he lets me wait on him hand and foot. What can I do? Beth Sumner from Chiswick


Hi Beth,

I hope i’ve answered your question in this week’s Podcast!

Please also see my Article on Pocket Money – Ages & Stages  —->  HERE


All the best


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